All Commands
!alive - Minimal designs, comfortable clothing, check out Alive Apparel!
!bits - A brief overview of Bit SFX you can use.
!bttv - Get the link to install BTTV to your browser.
!commands - Link of to this page.
!discord - Gives a link to the Mooseling Squad Discord server.
!djset - Link to Moose's latest MixCloud upload.
!facebook - Link to Moose's Facebook page.
!followage - Check how long you've been following the channel.
!followed - Check the date you followed the channel.
!followers - Check how many followers Moose has.
!freesub - Heard of Twitch Prime?
!fucked - Moose fucked up. *CLAP*
!hours - See how many hours you have in the Stream.
!hype - Mexibot Hype Wall.
!instagram - Link to Moose's Instagram page.
!lurk - Thank you for your lurk!
!meow - Mexibot becomes a cat.
!merch - want to support the stream AND rock some Moose merch? Look no further!
!moonball - MUHNBAHL!
!multi - Only active when streaming with another streamer.
!newvid - A link to Moose's latest YouTube upload.
!pog - Mexibot Pog Wall.
!pridecheck - Check which pride emotes you have from the 2020 pride collection.
!prime - Have you heard of Twitch Prime?
!recentfollowers - Welcome the latest 5 followers of the stream!
!rules - Put a friendly reminder in chat about the rules.
!scare - Want to know how to scare moose with Bits? Use this command.
!siren - A link to Moose's newest release, in collaboration with BEKIMACHINE/
!sub - Want to subscribe to the channel? This gives you the link.
!sugardaddy - A fun little game involving all members in chat!
!tag - Need Moose's gamer tag? Look no further.
!tdau - Get a link to The Dead And Us webseries which Moose is a part of!
!time - Get Moose's local time.
!tips - Want to donate to the stream? Use this to acquire the link.
!tldn - Twitch London shoutout!
!twitter - Link to Moose's Twitter page.
!uptime - Shows how long Moose has been streaming today.
!youtube - Link to Moose's YouTube page.
!xbox - Moose's Xbox gamertag.
;) - Mexibot winks.
UwU - Mexibot UwU's.
OwO - Mexibot OwO's.
cookie - Mexibot wants your cookies.
hi - Mexibot greets you.
Treatstream Commands
!ylyl - You laugh, you loose.
(scare command)
!scream - Costs 1k Takis (Streamlabs currency) and scares Moose.
Sub SFX - Available to subscribers of the channel.
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